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Well, my little sign only lasted a day.

I was here until nearly eleven last night. I'm pretty beat. I sure hope we get this done soon. What is the deal with db people? It's like we don't speak the same language or something. When I hear 'ETL', I generally think that means we won't be able to have a single set of insert statements that works in all environments. Otherwise, it would just be an 'L'. Am I crazy or something?

3 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

zombie argh said...

I'm a semi-db person and I don't know what that means, but I'm bummed that your sign only lasted a day :P

taleswapper said...

Ah, well, gotta keep the working environment clean and civil, I guess. I also did not win the office decorating contest. I put up such a pretty sticky of a tree. Oh, well.

Oddly enough, the first and second places went to the big boss and her second-in-command.

flying zombie said...

Conspiracy, pure and simple.