Wow! Two posts in one day!

One of the single most useful services on the web is called TinyURL. If you have a really, really long URL that will get broken when you put it into an email, you can go to TinyURL and it will convert it into a smaller URL that won't get a line break from your email system.

For example, say you wanted to tell everybody about your dancing cat at, but when you send it in email, the email changes it to
create.g?blogID=6010810. That's no good. TinyURL can change that into a smaller one:

Today, though, I found that you can make it give you a URL that's longer than the URL you started with. I found this out because I accidentally pasted one TinyURL into the TinyURL generator. I got this:

TinyURL was created!

The following URL:

has a length of 24 characters and resulted in the following TinyURL which has a length of 25 characters:

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