You Say Potato

Some time ago, I used a list of highways to complain about the structure of questions on the RUP test. If this wikipedia article is accurate, my multiple choice question was even harder to parse. It turns out that US 50 may actually be an interstate, though it is not marked as one.

I arrived at this via a route that started at this interesting blog about weird maps. (hah! I said "arrived"! and "via"! I'm so dang funny. Oh, and "route"! Snicker.)

Rational Software Development Conference

We are pleased to accept your abstract submission entitled In Search of Collaboration: Using IBM(R) Rational(R) ClearQuest(R) to Create a Project Community for the IBM Rational Software Development Conference 2007, which will be held at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Florida June 10th - 14th, 2007.

Your presentation title may have been edited for clarity. Please note this session is scheduled for the duration of 90 minutes.

Woot! Woot! I've been selected. I'd be a little more excited about Orlando if I hadn't just gotten back from Disney World. Still, it's an honor, even if they did change my title.

And it means I have to write a presentation before the end of March. Oi! When am I going to get around to that?

Status Report #4

Tasks Accomplished Since Previous Report:

  • Completed Brick Removal
  • Experimented with Plaster
Tasks In-Flight
  • Re-plastering
  • New Component Design/Selection
Next Steps
  • Beg contractors to give us estimates.
  • Have contractor initiate washer/dryer relocation.
  • Determine feasibility of removing wall.
  • Select flooring.
  • Remove exterior-side cabinets and counter.
  • Wood chisels are the right tool for the brick-removal job.
  • Plaster hardens darn quickly. I could only get a few swipes onto the wall before the plaster in my bucket started drying out. I suspect I am not cleaning my knife quickly enough.
  • Contractors are not interested in small jobs. There must not be a lot of worry about finding jobs out there: one contractor's wife said, "I really keep reminding him to call you, but he's so busy and he just forgets things, you know?" Not sure that an overly-busy, forgetful contractor is in our best interest.

Wish You Were Here

Well, we made it safely to Disney World. The place is like some creepy science fiction novel. And the cheerleader competitions don't help.

Gag me with a spoon.

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Another advantage to this terribly cold weather: you won't accidentally leave the house without putting on pants.

Another Meeting

We braved the bitter cold last night to continue the New Deal Cafe membership meeting that was interrupted by snow and bad communication a while back. And it was a hoot and a holler, let me tell you.

I'm beginning to think that we like each other a lot more than we let on. Perhaps it was just a reluctance to go out into the cold. What else could explain seventy-five seemingly rational adults debating the adoption of the agenda for 45 minutes? By 8:15 we had approved an amended agenda: item number seven was bumped up above item number three which followed the second item number two. Are you with me? In the end, the agenda order was interesting but cracked in the middle anyway because we were determined to do our annual election at 8:30.

In the event, we had so much fun discussing new business that we didn't actually start the election until 8:45.

We learned that our facility manager has resigned. The board provided some information about the recent theft and described changes in money-handling procedures.

The voting results were announced and we have three new board members. Congratulations, kids.

After the election results, we spent some time debating whether or not to end the meeting with business undone. At the end, we voted to adjourn the meeting to continue again later.

So, I guess I was right: we just like being together. How many people have three annual meetings in one year?


I don't like to complain, but --

What's that? Oh, I do like to complain. That's right. Almost forgot. A little denigration is like salt on a grilled cheese sandwich. On pumpernickel. Yum. Now, I'm hungry. What was I talking about?

Oh, yes: Falstaff. I'm sure that it was nice of this Russian opera company to come all the way to America to share its version of Verdi's Shakespeare rip-off (and there's nothing wrong with ripping off Shakespeare; he did it all the time himself). Somehow, they put their hearts into it; you can tell. And they have talent galore. And the first two acts were nice. I don't know how they could concentrate, personally, knowing that giant oatmeal head of JFK was staring at them on the other side of hte wall. But, still, they did well and it was fun.

I mean, for opera.

At any rate, guys, that third act was a complete muddle. I didn't have any problem with the mid-20th-century setting over all. (Heck, our own Shakespeare Theatre did that very well a few years back. It's still my benchmark for Merry Wives.) But you started the third act by shining lights into our eyes for the entire first scene. Yes, I'm sure that in the expensive seats the lighting from inside the cars gave interesting shadows for the hoity toity to contemplate during a bit that's normally a bit of a drag anyway. But your lighting didn't do much for us up in the cheap seats except blind us. Perhaps next time, have somebody look at your stage before you go live. Just a thought.

And it's not that I object to dominatrixes (dominatrices?) and post-punk leather heads, but I didn't really see how that followed from two acts of fairly straightforward 50s nostalgia. It seemed a bit disconnected. It was the worst kind of anachronism: a bunch of Russians singing in Italian about an adventure in England while dressed like American boppers and then surrounded by punkers. Imagine a play with dancing Neanderthals joined by a forest of software developers.

Same thing.

And don't even get me started on the mimes.


Last night, we dropped by Taberna del Alabardero. Picture these four words:

Blue Cheese Ice Cream

Did it make you cringe? Let me say it again.

Blue Cheese Ice Cream