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This is the squarest ride I've done outside of Kansas.

When I'm working down at HQ in Virginia, I don't have a lot of options for diet cheat day. But today I worked from home. In addition to having access to the humor/humour provided by the cat banging his head on the window every time a bird flies by, I also am close enough to get pizza.

I decided to temper the healthiness of it a little bit by biking over to Three Brothers Restaurant in the mall.

The ride out was through farmland. It's nice on weekdays that the gate isn't closed, so it's a quick ride down Research Road. The ride back was much scarier, because a) my mirror fell off my helmet and b) people treat Greenbelt Road like some sort of runway preparing for takeoff onto the Beltway right in front of the National Park.

Still, I got some nice slices, bought some new pens, and I didn't die in the process. All-in-all, a successful day.

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zombies said...

Hi! Would you be able to feed and walk Hazel this evening? We're heading to VA straight from work. I have a bowl of food for her already prepared in the fridge. If you can't, I have other resources...you're just the closest one ;-) Please let me know- thanks!! Confirm at my yahoo address if you have it :)

fiona said...

I HAD to Tag you, sorry, blame Lacochran! See my blog