Confluence Plugin and an Upgrade

I've been doing a little work in preparation for next month's Atlas Camp. I added a new tool to the Agile Toolkit, so that in addition to Planning Poker, it'll have a simple taskboard.

The simple taskboard lets you move tasks from one column to another by simply dragging them along. I think there's an extra jolt to the emotional connection with tasks if you can do something physical with them, rather than pushing buttons to move through a workflow.

At any rate, the thing works fine in my Confluence 2.7.1 instance, so I thought it was about time to upgrade to 2.9.1 and see how it works. The good news is, the taskboard works fine with 2.9.1.

The bad news is that the Planning Poker game has stopped working. It's not giving any errors, but I'm convinced it has something to do with the servlet. Dang it.

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