Five Years. Wow

I wonder if the fact that I couldn't come up with something witty to say about yesterday's anniversary indicates that I'm not the writer I want to be. Or maybe it was just the coincidence of the rejection that makes me doubtful.

At any rate, yesterday marked five years since this blog began, in its humble way, to take over the world. I'm a little surprised I kept at it for five years. I'm not known for seeing lots of personal projects through to the end. I like to start things...

I'm a little proud to still be chugging after five years and a little melancholy to find that we've been back in the US for five years.

This isn't normally the kind of blog that exposes my feelings/emotions (although I do let out the occasional grump). There are geeky bits and life events that I record as a memory aid (for example, I didn't realize that Tubby joined our household four years ago or that it's been three years since I bought my "new" bike).

I started the book and restaurant tales to keep track of the books and restaurants I read or visited with a little more interest than a simple list and without putting in the effort to be a critic. Some work better than others. Here are the ones I liked best. (I'm going to use the term "I liked" a lot here in this post, but this is what blogging is all about, right? Navel gazing narcissism.)

Thanks for letting me do that. There are lots of other tales out there. Visit the links on the right.

3 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

zombie you will finally get to see tonight! said...

Happy blogiversary!

lacochran said...

What Zombie said! Congrats!

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Thank you all!