I just listened to an interview with the band called Dead Men's Hollow. (They took their name from an old designation for Rosslyn, Virginia.) In the interview, they talked about how each band member had family and day jobs and other projects, but they get together to practice, and to play, and to make albums.

And nobody thinks they're weird, because musicians do this all the time.

So, what's keeping us software folks from doing the same thing? Sure, there's open source, but what about getting a bunch of friends into a room for a night of coding? (or at least into a virtual room at the same time?) This is going to be a key aspect of the Slow Code Movement, I tell you, to get people together to do stuff.

Who wants to jam?

2 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

fiona said...

This is mental! I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing last night, that it would be great fun to be able to chat online somewhere with all my Blog Heros. Lets set it up?
Unless you really meant playing around with codes? Then I'll just spectate :-)

AbbotOfUnreason said...

@fiona: I think la tried to arrange something like that. I was too shy to go. I guess we could all get together in Second Life or something, that might be fun.

I find it interesting that musicians get together to perform a particular task outside of work, but that task is also work.