Meatloaf Challenge

The New Deal Cafe and the Greenbelt Food Co-op sponsored a meatloaf (and veggie loaf) cook-off today.

The Brunette made her grandmother's meatloaf as a demonstration for the crowd, while the judges reviewed a round of veggie and a round of meat loaf.

Meatloaf Hands

It was a little hard to get a good shot of the judges with all the backlighting from the window.

The event began with an interesting discussion by the compilers of 1999's Greenbelt cookbook (Greenbelt Cooks -- Then & Now). The main difference between cooking in the early 20th century and in the early 21st century is that we use a lot less gelatin. The best guess at the use of gelatin early on was the novelty of the introduction of the refrigerator.

It's hard to imagine eating all those cows' hooves.

Another thing that's disappearing from home cooking is lard. I think both of these are good things, but I doubt their removal is the result of health consciousness.

What do you think the next gelatin will be -- that is, the next thing that will disappear from our diets?

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