New Digs

So, now we're settled down into new digs.

Partly because I've drifted away from Card's writing, partly because I'm no longer comfortable using a copyrighted character, and partly because I'm tired of most of my search hits coming from the "wife s wapping" keywords, I've decided to switch my moniker and my blogging home.

I am a tenth-generation American, at least in part. We even have a list of descendants, all arranged generationally with Roman numeral identifiers. The ancestor with the i next to his name was a Scotsman of the Borthwick family. He landed in the country in 1773. That's right, if you look at our family book, I'm listed there with the Roman numeral for ten next to my name. An early Generation Xer, but still...

The Borthwicks still have a castle in Scotland. It's fixed up as a B&B and it is really rather nice. I recommend it and its lovely dinner.

Borthwick Castle

The best part of being a part of the Borthwick diaspora is our connection to The Abbot of Unreason, a Scottish fill-in for the Festival of Fools' Lord of Misrule. Our Abbot of Unreason is described by Sir Walter Scott as preventing Lord Borthwick's excommunication by baptizing the message-bearer in the creek and feeding him the excommunication orders as a sort of communion. You can read an excerpt in this post when name changing was on my mind almost two years ago.

So, welcome to my fireside. I don't anticipate any change in the kinds of content you'll find here, still a bit of story telling, a lot of commuting and bicycling, and a little geekdom sprinkled in for good measure.

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morninglight mama said...

The digs are quite nice. Welcome home!