Oh the Shame

Well, this is a little embarrassing for a CM person to admit, but the problem was, in fact, not the deployment of an upgrade but the problem of using modified, unchecked-in code for my testbed. Shame shame.

I rolled back the development server and found that the poker game still wasn't working. Turns out I had made a "small, insignificant change -- you won't really notice --" to the javascript and built that into the dev system. I found the problem (after a bunch of painful scratching -- geez, but JS is hard to debug (and this architecture I made is a little too rickety)).

Rolled the server forward (actually, just turned one off and one on) and rebuilt the plugin. And VoilĂ ! It works.

So, a few more unit tests and I think we can release this to the world. I wish I knew more about making automated tests against all this GUI/JS stuff.

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