Old Greenbelt to Old Bowie

This bug on our garage looks like a leaf. I wonder what it's called!

Leaf Bug

So I made it to Old Bowie and back. I'm pretty sure now that I can make it to Barnes & Noble, but I don't know about coming back. (After all, aren't bookstores the true measure of any worthwhile activity?)

Thoughts today while tootling on the bicycle:

  • I do not recommend riding Duckettown Road. It's narrow with bad sightlines.
  • Has anyone else noticed that Lanham-Severn road goes from Lanham to, well, Bowie? In fact, I don't see any way in which this road gets you to Severn, or even a straightforward path to Severn from Bowie unless you take the train tracks. Who names these roads?
  • Actually, it would be nice to see a path along the tracks from Old Bowie to Odenton, because that would make a nice connector to the BWI trail.
  • Old Bowie is a long way away from what I normally think of as Bowie.
  • There is at least one supporter of Obama in the Bowie area: Weathered Obama Sign
  • Old Bowie would be an even shorter ride if I didn't want to ride through farmland.

google map Old Greenbelt to Old Bowie 15.69

3 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

me again zombie said...

Your bike trail is a seal!

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Heh. I thought it looked like a high-heel wedge shoe. That kind with the cork heel.

fiona said...

Nah it's a fish an odd one but a fish none the less