Savour the Flavour

An Angry Pepper This is one angry looking pepper, eh? You'd think he'd be happy to have won the prize, but in reality, he's just sad that he didn't make it into the fabulous pickle jar of surprise. Yeah. That name is lame.

[Side note: apparently, I've been using the word "lame" a lot. It must be part of my regressing to childhood, when I would latch on to some word and worry it to death like a dog with a particularly tasty strap of leather. If I start saying "awesome" or spitting out an angry "oh, man!" here and there, or if I go back to using "stupid" as a catch-all adjective, or if I make strong statements about an untenable future and request that you put me out of my misery, uh, just shoot me.]

At any rate, I searched the web for a nice picture of a zombie baby, but I didn't like any of the ones I found. They were all just a little too bloody. Are there not any cute zombie babies out there? Well, there will be soon! Congratulations, Zombies!

The Zombies were subject to my pickle experiment last night, which they only brought on themselves by inviting us over. They provided delicious pot roast, scrumptious apple pie and delightful conversation. The Brunette provided a tasty salad. I brought the evil cucumber pickles from heck.

The scary part was that I had lost the list of secret ingredients, so we were flying blind with our taste testing. The jars were labeled with letters, so we had to guess what we were tasting. Of course, this morning, I found the list right under the mortar and pestle. We were only wrong about one. Here is the actual list:

  • (No letter) Basic Dill: These pickles were pretty much the same as the first batch, maybe a little less strong.
  • (P) Pearl Onion: This wasn't bad, I don't think. The onions were a bit mushy.
  • (OP) Onions and Black Peppercorns: Couldn't taste the pepper, really. Maybe they need to be ground up (ground down?).
  • (LL) Lemon and Lime: These were jarred with wedges of lemon and of lime. The lemon was very strong, but the lime wasn't so noticeable.
  • (M) Mint: From our very own garden. We had guessed that M might mean extra mustard, but when we opened the jar, it was pretty obviously mint. Very strong. A mixed reaction.
  • (SW) Soy and Wasabi: OK. So maybe all of you folks out there might have guessed that this would be a disaster, but I thought it was worth a shot. Och, they were horrible. The wasabi wasn't strong, but the soy flavor was just, well, it was just the wrong thing to do to a poor cucumber, let me tell you.
  • (GP) Grains of Paradise: We thought this might be garlic, but it turns out that I had grabbed some seasoning from the back of the cupboard. We bought the grains of paradise once from a Moroccan vendor. To be honest, I don't think these pickles had much of a strong flavor one way or another.

After the pickles, the Zombies let us try pickled spicy artichokes, which I thought were nice and crunchy.

Overall, I liked the dill, lemon lime and pearl onion ones best. I think the mint ones would be good mixed in with something else. The group seemed to feel that the mint were too strong (or just wrong). I think we all agreed that the soy sauce set should just get thrown out.

Now I have eight jars of pickles to eat through. But when I try this again, we already have suggestions for the next batch:

  • Bacon. Every batch needs a potential soy sauce brother.
  • Old Bay. Welcome to Maryland.
  • Alcohol. Actually, the next batch could be just different kinds of drinks. I think we'd keep the pearl onions for gin or vermouth.
  • Fruit. Something non-citrus like pear.

Feel free to put your suggestions in the comments.

5 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

lacochran's evil twin said...

You da' man! Whatzzzuuuuuuuuuuuppp? Don't go there.

pregnant zombie said...

Thanks for sharing the pickles, it was fun!

I think that next time you should try a rice vinegar base with wasabi. The Asian inspired pickle idea still has potential IMHO.

Pickled zombie said...

That was totally fun last night! Ooh, ooh...what about sour cream and onion pickles?

And the grains of paradise ones really did taste like garlic!

fiona said...

Have you no thought for your poor bum??
All those pickles gonna cause an explosion!
(Putting fingers in ears and holding breath here)

AbbotOfUnreason said...

@Fiona: We only nibbled at all those pickles, maybe a quarter slice each flavor. And I try not to think about my bum too much.