Southern California Wants to be Western New York

Here is today's ink blot. Decide what you think it looks like before you read to the end where I tell you what I think.

A Map 7:75/0:45

It seems odd that we have a National Park right here on the Beltway. (The park itself is inside the Beltway, while we live outside the Beltway, which means that we're allowed to rail as much as we want against all those people from inside the Beltway.)

It's a nice little park. There's a quite hilly section, but part of the ride is car-free and well-paved. It was nice to zoom along across the leaves on the roadway. Nice sound. This paragraph has too many nices. At any rate, it's nice for what it is, but do not be fooled by this sign at the south entrance:

Greenbelt National Park Entrance Notice Board

You are not going to get a view like that from our little park, I am sorry to say. It turns out that the picture is from some celebration of national land day (sponsored by Toyota).

I expected my time to be worse than it actually was because today we are under a "Fire Weather Watch." When did we become a part of Southern California? Apparently, this watch means we're a bit dry and there is gusty wind. I can testify for the gusty wind. It wasn't so bad through the park, but behind the high school I was blown a few feet to my left. Glad there wasn't anyone passing me.

So, these thoughts of misplaced mountain peaks and migrated states made me think the ride loop looks a bit like a squashed US (lower-48) map. What do you think?

Don't forget to go guess how I'm lying on this other post.

2 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

preggie zombie said...

It looks like a Sandra Boynton piggie. Like this one:

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Oh, gosh, it does! The snout is pointing northeast and the little ears are at TGI Friday's.