Halloween Report

Well, I'm going to roll up the sidewalk now, because I ran out of candy. My brilliant idea this year was to buy candy I don't like so every last bit went to the kids. My choice: Hot Tamales. But I ran out in the middle of a group of kids, so a couple of lucky monsters got granola bars.

Now we're going to get TPed. I just know it.

At any rate, here is a list of this year's attendees. Thank goodness there were no evil Sarahs.

  • 6 Superheroes (but no Hiros)
  • 4 Star Wars Characters (I didn't think anybody actually saw that cartoon. I remember trying to be R2-D2 when I was a kid, though I couldn't have been very young.)
  • 3 Animals (Sooo cute. Two babies (cow/kangaroo with joey) and one adult (bison))
  • 2 Zombies (but they didn't get any candy)
  • 2 Princesses (Not police officers)
  • 2 Ninja (I didn't know there was a ninja badge)
  • 2 Skull People (Maybe there was some other name for these things: skulls with hair. Strange)
  • 1 Freddy Krueger (That seems like it's out of nowhere)
  • 1 Vampire (With blood dripping down his chin; nice touch)
  • 1 Cheerleader (Maybe she was a Slayer?)
  • 1 Firefighter (Very safe and inoffensive)
  • 1 Insect (A butterfly is an insect)
  • 1 Spider (A spider is not an insect)
  • 1 Devil (I think that's what he was)
  • 1 Vegetable (A pumpkin is a vegetable, isn't it?)
  • 1 Kid with that mask from Scary Movie (Does that character have a name?)

Now get off my lawn.

2 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

Mike Licht said...

Here on the Hill, Halloween was a "teachable moment."



fiona said...

We had a pathetic turnout, I've been eating candy all day today and now I feel sick.