32 Horses

I broke my tooth on a dinner roll. Isn't that the most pitiful thing you ever heard? The dinner roll wasn't even warm and crusty; it was soft and squishy, a Martin's potato roll, to be exact. In the post-Easter mop-up last night, I shoveled in the roll and noticed it had a bit of texture I wasn't expecting, a sort of rock clicking up against my tooth.

Turned out that was my tooth.

Or part of it, at any rate. The piece of tooth didn't actually come completely away from its host tooth. It was cracked on two sides from the top down to my gum, though. Oddly, it didn't hurt, but I was sure it would if I gave it enough of a chance. I had horrible visions of the piece coming off and choking me or something. So this morning, I rang up my dentist, who couldn't be bothered to see me today, so I now have a new dentist.

I also now have a new (temporary) crown and a lot less tooth. Apparently, a cavity grew underneath my only filling and grew out to the sides of the tooth and down. It took a lot of novacaine and two hours of sawing, but it certainly feels better. For a while there, I couldn't feel my tongue. I felt a bit like Bill Cosby in his dentist routine, except I'm not nearly so witty.

"fiber! fiber!"

Actually, there was no smoke, but I was sure I was going to drown. I liked this new dentist, so I think I'll stick with him. He's slightly closer than the last one. The assistant had fire tattoos. I have to go back in two weeks for the permanent crown. I have a general headache, but I'm expecting the real pain to start at any minute. I'm hoping the lemoncello will help.

I guess my mother was wrong; she always said I'd get my crown in heaven.

2 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

lacochran said...

Cosby is freakin' genius. Sorry about your tooth.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

thank you