Ah, Serenity

After a walk-filled weekend at Solomons (pictures to come), we popped down to a restaurant at Dupont called Firefly for some "local" food (for local people?) and drinks. The food was fine, if a bit too expensive. The cost of having to listen to the other patrons was too much, though. Do I really want to be seen with these people?

After describing the $300 shoes she found for $140, the woman at the next table described her dental office this way:

The main dentist is 6'4". He brought his nephew in to work with him -- he's a dentist, too. He's 6'6". He is absolutely gorgeous, like a model. I must have sent 25 people to him. I tell them about how attractive he is. Of course, he's a terrible dentist...
Probably the main reason I feel so snarky about the place is that I never even got to see Shepherd Book. (Or, more important, Kaylee Frye?)

2 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

restaurant refugee said...

For some reason, restauranteurs still cling to the antiquated notion that more seats equals more revenue. One of the first pieces of advice I give my clients is that comfortable guests are happier guests, happier guest return more often, and no one is happy listening to someone else's conversation.

p.s. I am snickering at the moment because the word verification is "couga"

AbbotOfUnreason said...

R-squared, I think there's also a belief that feeling crowded makes you think you're in a popular place. The whole restaurant was empty except for the four tables stuffed in near the window. Two groups of four and two pairs. There's no need for that. I think this is why some places are too loud, too.