Ghost Boat

The Brunette is out of town for the week, so I've been wandering over to the Community Center to catch up on painting. With the holidays and birthdays and such, we're not getting much of our Sunday morning time. Monday and Tuesday nights were very relaxing and I feel like I'm making a small dent, but tonight I was kicked out of the room by a bunch of quilters.

Nobody's scarier than a gang of wayward quilters.

(With 'open studio', we can use the classroom for painting as long as there isn't something already scheduled. Sunday mornings are almost always free, but week nights are a prime time for conducting classes. This quarter, several classes have been cut because people are cutting back on expenses and enrollment is down. The quilters, though, are a tenacious breed.)

I never thought I'd notice the difference between natural and artificial light, but night-time painting actually make the colors look different. So when I got there tonight for a few minutes of touch up before the quilters took over, I wasn't able to match the colors. The difference, I think, is that the sun was shining brightly. Can you tell from this picture where I was having trouble with the color of the white/grey?

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