How Many Jokes about Kumar Joining the White House Can You Make?

So, now that Kumar is coming to Washington, DC, I was worried that he'd be too far away from a White Castle. The closest one, I believe, is in northern New Jersey, a four hour drive or so. The closest Krystal, a southern purveyor of little burgers, is 375 miles away in Bristol, Virginia. We used to have Little Taverns in Maryland that made wonderful little burgers, but they are all gone. The Laurel Tavern tries to take up the slack, but it's not quite the same (though they do have donuts!)

But fear not, Kumar, for there is an option. Just pop out to Capitol Cadillac in Greenbelt, Maryland, and visit the vending machine, then turn around and pop these babies in the microwave. Craving satisfied!

If you can call that a satisfactory replacement. (The Enterprise car rental office is right next to the vending machine.)

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