Jumping Jack Flash

I returned late last night from the land of people too stupid to pump their own gas. Yes, yes, I know that the 'real' reason gasoline is full-service by law in New Jersey is probably job creation, but the official genesis of the law was concern for safety if non-professionals got involved. On the other hand, reading this USA Today article could leave you with the impression that they just are afraid of smelling funny.

Which is ironic, in a way.

Actually, this my blog, so this post needs to be about me in some way, don't you think? What I've learned from this little business trip is that I do not understand my own self. I hate having other people pump my gas, and so I desperately pushed to make it all the way to Delaware before refueling. Is something wrong with me? I seem to be fine letting restaurants provide staff to serve me. I was happy enough this morning to let the barber cut my hair (though I wish he wouldn't talk to me). But give me a choice of full- and self-service, and I'd much rather get my hands smelly than sit in the car staring vacantly out into space.

I was driving an unfamiliar car, so I couldn't really say what its range was on the fuel remaining in the tank. On top of that, a gallon of gas in NJ: $1.89; in DE: $2.02. I paid over a dollar extra for the privilege of pumping my own gas.

Maybe I'm the one who shouldn't be allowed to do things on my own.

4 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

self-sufficient zombie said...

exCUSE me! I'm from NJ and I always hated the fact that I couldn't pump my own damn gas :P

AbbotOfUnreason said...

See, there ya go, that's what I get for buying into stereotypes!

fiona said...

It's a macho "pump(ing)" thing...it's true cos I said so!

AbbotOfUnreason said...

I am probably the most macho man I've ever known, I have to admit. And I like the smell of tar and gasoline.

Welcome back, Fiona! Did you have a good week?