More Playgrounds

I hope you're not bored with talk of playgrounds, because I still have 20 left to visit!

I've been to 18 of 38 public playgrounds and only once have I seen kids playing on the equipment. I imagine it's a combination of heat (it was over 90°F yesterday, in April!), air conditioning & TV, and parental fears. What do you think?

At least one picture is on the map now from each of the playgrounds I've visited so far. Click on a blue waving flag to see the picture.

View Playgrounds of Greenbelt in a larger map

Oh, and I'm also getting a chance to see new dog curbing signs. This one is at the end of Laurel Hill Road, trying to play the environmentalist card:

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fiona said...

Poop does indeed pollute! LOL
Your pics are great...;-)