Playground Update

Took a "quick" bike ride around the southern part of the city to get a few playground pictures for my Greenbelt Public Playgrounds Photography Project. The ride wound up being 11.4 miles, including a stop for lunch, and I think I've found all the public Greenbelt playgrounds south of Greenbelt Road. Hat tip to Morninglight Mama for the very nice playgrounds in Greenbelt East. They've got that cool rubber mulch thing going, and the one on Canning Terrace has the largest slide-tunnel contraption of all time:

canning playground

There's another playground behind this playground, only smaller. It's kind of like the kiddie pool of playgrounds.

It turns out that there's a little article on Greenbelt's playgrounds at the Gazette. Apparently, Greenbelt is Maryland's only "Playful City USA," a designation we can wear proudly next to our Tree City USA plaque, I'm sure. It says there are 53 playgrounds, 38 of which are public. (23 city-owned, 15 as part of a deal with homeowners associations. These three in Windsor Green are a part of the latter designation. I imagine the ones in GHI are a mixture.)

That leaves 15 playgrounds that are not open to the public. This one is on Mandan Road:

I'm guessing any playgrounds in Spring Hill Lake Empirian Village are a part of the 15, same with University Square and possibly the ones near Eleanor Roosevelt High School, but I'm always open to correction.

Since we're on the subject of signs, it's interesting to me that livestock are not allowed on the playground at Greenbelt National Park:

I think my route looks like a dragon for St. George's day:

3 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

zombies still in waiting said...

And on one teeny tiny part of that purple mass, I saw you! It was like a celebrity sighting!

morninglight mama said...

We were just at the Canning Terrace playground today for a couple of hours in this beautiful weather! The one on Mandan is really sad looking now, but it's on our HOA's schedule for renovations over the next few years. All of the Windsor Green playgrounds, once renovated, will be open to the public, because their renovations will all use contributions of city funds.

If I see a bike rider wielding a camera at our local playgrounds, I'll be sure to wave!

AbbotOfUnreason said...

@zombie: I'm sorry you're still waiting, my gosh.

@mlm: It was certainly beautiful weather and the only playground with kids playing on it (I visited seven all together) was the one at Schrom Hills Park. It was kind of creepy, but I guess it was during school hours. And it's just as well, because while I was at the one on Frankfort a little boy with a pull toy walked onto the playground while I was taking pictures and said 'hi'. His mother yelled at him to get back to the house in a hot second. I guess some old dude wandering playgrounds can seem kind of creepy. I'm taking the Brunette with me next time.