Stuck in the Hen House

One of the worst things about travel is the free breakfast. Oh, the food is fine; how can you ruin cereal? No, it's the TVs in the lobby. It's a little too much input for those of us without TVs at home. And worst of all is when they're set on Fox News. I swear they're like a gang of overexcited teenagers. You can almost hear an OMG at the beginning of every sentence.

"OMG, liberals are ruining our children's textbooks!" I'm sure you can find books used at any college that are a little off on both sides, but shouldn't we be more worried about children's text books? Like maybe the ones that will keep our kids from being future leaders in biology, geology, and space? And can't you find a prof from some Podunk little college who can actually speak English properly?

"OMG, nothing is worse than stealing a $3000 puppy!" Too bad about people losing their life savings to fraud or lives to random gun violence, but steal a puppy and you've gone too far!

"ZOMG! The government is spending too much money! Let's neatly stack boxes of tea bags on the street.". Where were these people when we were dumping all that money into Iraq? They're OK with that, but now that we want to help actual Americans a line has been crossed? OMG

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ZOMG zombie said...

I love how they're all freaking out. Schadenfruede is my friend.