Early and Often

clear ballot box

Had enough time to go down to the cooperative's annual meeting and participate in the vote. Our home is part of a 1600-member cooperative. Every year, we get to elect half of the board of directors, discuss important topics, and pick up a free plant that will die within the year. Every year they give out these plants, and every year mine dies.

At any rate, this is a neat example of democracy on the human scale. And the meeting always brings some wonderful character out of the woodwork. This is a 91-year-old coop member who got up to admonish us to volunteer and participate in the boards and committees. I think that only 91-year-olds are allowed to "admonish" people.

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zombies said...

Zombies are a bit sad they couldn't make it (well, one more than the other). Any talk about the New Deal? Other shenanigans?

AbbotOfUnreason said...

The door prizes were supposed to include gift certificates to the New Deal, but they changed them to Co-op Grocery Store gift certificates because of the uncertainty there. We did not win.

There was some sort of mob outside the NDC last night as I went over to the community center. Lots of yelling, but no news.

The most interesting part of the annual meeting was the building committee's report. There's going to be a special members' meeting scheduled in the fall to go over possible upgrades for the baseboard heating (and other efficiency changes for the buildings). That ought to be exciting, depending on what it's going to cost.

Anonymous said...

What's going on with the NDC?

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Hm...since you're anonymous, I don't know whether that's rhetorical or not. Lots of people are certainly wondering what the heck is going on.

I think the most balanced thing to say is that there has been a disagreement between the NDC's board of directors and the NDC's manager and this has resulted in the cafe being closed for the last week or so. I hope they will resolve their differences if only because our art show is scheduled there after the current one ends!