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Welcome to my experimental lunch!

Folks, I enjoy a good grilled cheese sandwich every once in a while, but today I thought I'd experiment with something different: a grilled cream cheese sandwich.

Pause for applause and cheers.

Wait, wait, I'm sure you're going to love the idea even more when I reveal that it's not just any cream cheese, it's fat free cream cheese.

The taste buds are a shakin'!

I put buttery spread on the outside sides of two slices of bread and then put those sides facing each other. I spread the cream cheese in a big heaping mess in the middle. I sprinkled the cream cheese with Splenda. I reassembled it with the butter sides out and plopped it in a frying pan.

Toast to a golden brown. Lovely.

Pause for oohs and ahs.

I cut the sandwich into pieces to make a sailboat:

And set the boat sailing on a sea of potato chips:

Pause while audience gasps and rushes to its feet with thunderous applause.

Now, now, folks, I know it's odd to see such culinary skill in this corner of the interwebs, but the real test is in the tasting. Hold on a second while I give the experiment a try.



Um, OK, so the important thing here is that we tried something new, right, kids? Right?

Actually, I like it, but the wheat bread is a little strange. I think a nut bread or plain old white bread would be nicer. The sweetened cream cheese is awesome and I think this would be excellent with a dipper of jam. Maybe I'll try that for tomorrow.

We now return you to your regular schedule.

1 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

Anonymous said...

An A+ for presentation. I've never seen the sail boat sandwich trick before, and I'm dialing my mother now to find out why she never made me one. I must have been deprived. Cool plate too. But I think it's time to head down to the co-op to get sprouts or something else to put between two slices of bread. Grilled cream cheese sounds terrible!