Another relaxing Sunday in the studio. I carry my painting supplies over to the Community Center in a blue wheelie suitcase. I imagine I look like an oddball walking along in my baseball cap and sunglasses, pulling a suitcase behind me in the middle of the day.

Actually, in Greenbelt, I suppose that might not be so odd.

To fill out the bill for the upcoming show, I made another quick painting. This one is on a small piece of wood and only took about 4 hours. I don't like it as much as last week's door knob.

So I went back to boatscapes. This is my third ever, but I'm still annoyed by cockeyed angle of the buildings. One thing I should have learned, though, is not to spend so much time on useless detail. I spent about an hour and a half on that wall and it's going to wind up behind several boats.

Well, the important thing is that this is relaxing, right?

I have decided, by the way, to stop making black paint. Oh, I know, all the cool painters mix their own blacks so that they can adjust to exactly the right kind of black for the situation. But I'm never going to get to the point where I'm one of those kinds of painters. I spend too much time on black and can't tell a cool one from a warm one. So, I'm going to go look to see if they sell black paint.

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