Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers who read my blog! You are all tough cookies. In fact, give yourself a cookie; you deserve it.

Yesterday, before I ran downtown, I got a couple more playgrounds.


Fiona asked me if I play in the playgrounds I'm visiting. Obviously, she hasn't read the rules posted at the playground:


That last rule says, "Do not use equipment unless designed for your age group." Granted, it doesn't say which equipment is for which age group, but I'm having trouble imagining what kind of a rocking horse would be appropriate for an old man. In fact, I did climb up to the top of the slide to get a picture of the agricultural research center, and I promptly banged my head on the slide cover.

Good thing I was wearing my bike helmet.

Some of the playgrounds did have age stickers on the equipment. The stuff has been pretty random.

Does anybody know what this sign is all about?

2 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

fiona said...

Me tough ? LOL
Keep that helmet on yer heid darlin yer no safe tae be let oot!

morninglight mama said...

That is an interesting sign-- no idea what's going on there.

Thanks for the cookie offer-- we had one even better with Red's birthday cake yesterday! :)