The Playgrounds Continue To Mount

When the sun came out today, I hopped the bike in search of playgrounds. The Assistant City Manager was kind enough to put together a list of playgrounds for me, and I was able to add a few more to the map. I wasn't sure I was going to find the one on Breezewood, since I couldn't see where it might be on the satellite photo, but it's there, tucked into the woods.

I didn't cover as many playgrounds as I'd have liked. I stopped for lunch and the clouds came out in force again. The rest must wait for better light. Some thoughts on the playgrounds I visited:

The playground at 7 Southway is recycled. I assume that means they took this equipment from some other site when the other site decided to upgrade theirs to safer equipment. Actually, these don't look so bad, I just haven't seen very many metal slides on this trek.

The playground at 1 Westway is hidden behind the apartment complex's pool. I wouldn't have guessed this to be a city playground without the City's list. I loved this climbing apparatus:


The playground near 1 Crescent was the first one I found without a slide. But it did have a single swing.

The playground near the community center is not open to the public at all times, but it does have a race track. At least, that's the best I can figure this is for: The only other thing I can figure is it's some sort of nefarious engine that the overlords bring out and place on that platform, yoking the children from the preschool to ropes and gears to turn the engines of doom.

The playground at Spring Hill Lake was one of the playgrounds with a climbing wall. I know we've been moving away from metal slides for safety, but it seems like we're adding the danger back by putting these things in.

The playground at Breezewood is very well shaded and has a half-fence, I suppose to reduce the momentum of children heading for the road, but not to actually prevent them from making it to the road.

That puts us at 29 photographed playgrounds. I also rode by the one next to St. Hugh's, but it was in use. That makes it only three playgrounds out of thirty in use when I stopped by to photograph them.

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fiona said...

Ok I've got to ask!
(The photos are great and pretty darned interesting when I think back to the equipment in my playground days)
BUT do you PLAY? Try out the swings? Have a wee slide? Come on, be honest, I won't tell ;-)