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Is it just me, or is something wrong with the shape of this building?

On another topic altogether, what's your opinion on paying for job searches? In the olden days, it seems like the companies covered the cost of finding employees. Even when you worked with a recruiter, they were generally paid by some percentage finder fee thing by the company. But these days, if you search for a job at, you have to pay to even see the job descriptions. That doesn't seem to me like money well spent, but then I'm a dinosaur. Is this the new trend?

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Mike said...

I have no experience with the, but here is an interesting blog posting on another site that tries to define the ideal site for linking up employers and candidates:

The comments in response to that blog posting offer an interesting debate.

It would be nice to remove all middlepeople from the transaction of employers and candidates meeting.

I think there is a parallel debate to be had regarding the real estate market and the evolution of how buyers and sellers meet in the electronic age (or is it the electric age). More data is available, but it is still somewhat controlled by the monopolistic real estate MLS listings. There are more alternate methods for buyers and sellers to meet now with the Internet, so now we can debate the worth of having a real estate agent in the transaction.

The same can be said about Is it worth involving them in the transaction? Is "your" job on waiting for you? Their business model may be based on the fact that when you're out of work, you may be willing to hand over some money to find out.

zom-bee said...

Don't pay for it. You can do it yourself-,, Monster, and if you have companies in mind, go right to their website and search their job listings.

DragonChaser said...

You have falling books on your sidebar! How cool.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

re: jobs: Yeah, even if I were actually looking for a job, I can't imagine paying for it like that. The hard thing about searching for a job (if I were) is that finding a work-from-anywhere job is not straightforward. All the sites (and company ads) are very geographic-centric, but I know there are more and more telecommuting roles out there.

re: agents: Real estate agents are about to be in the same place travel agents found themselves a few years ago. It always seemed to me that travel agents could become travel advisors or packagers or something, but never did. Toward the end, you'd go to a travel agent and they were doing exactly the same thing you could do on your own. They have to find the value-add.

re: falling books: Thanks! There's a bug where they freeze after a while, but I'm proud of them. They're random from our own library. You can click on them to go to librarything's page for each.