I don't know, I thought somehow that Electric Avenue would be more impressive. In the event, it had neither the reggae vibe of Eddy Grant nor the luminescence of Disney's Electric Parade. It was just a tiny spur off of Elm Street.

intersection of Electric Avenue and Elm

It could be that this washed out feeling for Electric Avenue was due to the rain. The cool, steady rain was a nice start to this trip; however, just after I snapped this picture, the clouds got grumpy. I don't mind a little water, but lightning is a whole 'nother matter. Thunder and lightning chased me up the WB&A trail to the culvert under Rte 193. There was another biker already there, taking shelter at the other end of the culvert. He was so far away, we never spoke.

Bicyclist Takes Cover from the Rain

You can see that the electricity was not furnishing power to the lights in the culvert. Still-and-all, it was a nice place to stop.

The 15 minute or so stop for lightning gave me a false sense of the distance I traveled. I was disappointed when I came home and mapped the route on Google maps, finding my journey to just miss 19 miles. I guess I was moving pretty slowly. Can't blame it all on the sun, today, that's for sure, eh, Eddy?

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Bowie Mike said...

Sorry to hear that your trip to Electric Avenue didn't take you higher. Perhaps you can come to Bowie and try taking a stroll down Memory Lane.

On Friday night, I found myself at a place called Abbots (http://www.abbottscustard.com/).