I'm a Travelin' Man

So, today starts a long stretch of traveling for your good friend the Abbot. The fun finishes with 4 weeks back and forth to Topeka, starting in mid-July. In between, I'll be flying off to beautiful Nevada City, California, and driving down to the Outer Banks.

But today I'm starting by driving out to West Virginia. It's a Father's Day thing. While the Brunette has already accompanied her parents down to North Carolina for the exciting week-long family festival of fun, I'm going to visit with my father (and sister, brother-in-law, and nephew) in Charles Town, WV. None of them live in West Virginia. So why go all the way over there? Well, maybe in your family you celebrate holidays by hanging out by the fire and watching home movies; I don't know what normal people do.

We go to the track.

I suppose gambling is in our blood. Our Easter eggs contain lottery tickets (you think I'm going to get five adults out looking for eggs in the back yard with just candy?) Christmas Eve is poker night. And, this year, Father's Day is a trip to the casino/track in Charles Town.

They have a nice buffet. And you can bet on the horses right at the table. The best part: if there's ever an awkward pause in the conversation, you can always look over at the monitor on the table and say, "50-1? I'm getting me some of that action."

Happy Father's Day all you Dads out there.

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