Not Again!

I took a little bike ride down to Rhode Island Reds for lunch. The lunch was nice. Unfortunately, when I came out of the cafe, I found my rear tire flat.

How many flats can I have in one year?

But thank goodness for the Metro bus system! I always carry my SmarTrip card, so I don't have to take exact change along. There's a bus stop right across the street from Rhode Island Reds. I wheeled my bike over there and saw this sign:

nextbus badge

What a cool idea! There's no schedule attached to these stops that are only marked by a pole. A number to find the next bus time and where it is going is a good thing. I like that the stop has its own little identifier, and calling in made it obvious why that was necessary. Unfortunately, the Next Bus system doesn't start working until July. But after ten minutes, I got to speak to an operator who tried to find my stop. Sadly, the existing system works by intersection. I was at the intersection of Armentrout Way and Route 1. But the road is actually called Charles Armentrout Way. The sign only shows the Ch part of Charles. And Route 1 has many names between DC and Baltimore. Just a few feet up the road, it's called Baltimore Avenue. But at this point, it's still called Rhode Island Avenue (hence the name of the restaurant, duh). So, it took us a little time to figure out where I was standing.

Still, the bus trundled up at the half-hour mark, just as she said it would. And since all Metro buses have bike racks, I could plop the bike on and ride up to the bike store. Proteus is on Route 1, but much farther up in northern College Park.

The guy at the shop showed me the cut in the tube caused by a piece of glass. Stupid drinkers. This time, he put in a thorn-proof liner and a thicker tube. The stem is a bit short, but I'm hoping this holds air for a little while.

After the shop I rode home through the agricultural research center, getting in 15 miles for the day. In very humid weather. Oi.

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