Round to Reds

I like to bike to get my exercise, but I'm not so good at motivating to get on the cycle without a goal. A destination always helps, especially if there's food involved. Today, I had only planned to ride in a big circle, but along the way I discovered a place that is going to become a regular goal:

Rhode Island Reds Café

This small place is on the Northwest Branch Trail where it crosses Route 1 (Rhode Island Red), just before it dumps into the Northeast Branch Trail. I had a delicious ham and cheese quiche and some roasted vegetables. The folks were friendly and it was an excellent point to take a break. Plus, they had wi-fi.

There was a definite European vibe going on and I enjoyed sitting at the window watching the train and cars go by.

Rhode Island Reds has a website that proclaims:

You know friends, I publicly proclaim that Rhode Island Reds Café is and will be the cleanest restaurant in a 5-mile radius and that our crayons are so superior to Franklins and 3 bros.& Chef Geoff’s Hanks Taverna. They shouldn’t even be allowed to call themselves crayons; they’re just these pathetic Chinese anemic colored wax sticks. They make me sick. I’ve got genuine Crayola, which are not really expensive, if you only make the slightest effort.

In addition to the quiche and breakfast-y stuff, the rest of the week they have sandwiches, subs, and pizza, along with some dinner items.

I probably won't take the long way around to Reds next time. I started out along 193 and then Metzerott to hit the Northwest Branch trail toward the north end. It's lovely and shaded up at the top end of the trail. This part reminds me most of parts of the Kelvin trail back in Glasgow. There are arched bridges

New Hampshire Avenue Bridge

and even fords! But this part of the trail is awfully muddy, too.

Ford on NE Branch Trail

Farther down near where Sligo joins the NW Branch, there's a quite a pile-up in the debris in the water at Ager Road. That looks unsafe to me, not to mention messy! a mess of debris

3 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

lacochran said...

Is that last shot evidence of some beaver action?

What? It's not my fault you read dirty into everything.

Mike said...

…and the Presta valve held up. Earlier today I was thinking, "hmmm, without the bike, I guess he won’t be buying any embarrassing kid’s books today."

AbbotOfUnreason said...

@la: If so, they're the biggest baddest beavers ever. (Only sort of related, but I'm reading an SF book from the 80s where a character says, "I'll get undressed if you hold my junk." I thought of you, aren't you proud?)

@mike: Ha! There are no book stores on that loop any more. The book stores are all disappearing. I don't think I have any other YA writers on my list right now, either.