Sandy Hill Creative Disposal Project

While tootling along on my bike ride yesterday, I passed this place:

Sandy Hill Creative Disposal Project

The Sandy Hill Creative Disposal Project is on Old Laurel Bowie Road (still marked 197 on the sign near Hilltop Lane). The best part is the sign on the fence that reads, "No Dumping." The gate was closed and locked, so I couldn't go in and find out what the deal was. A little googling only provided me with concerns about the groundwater on-site. I found nothing about the history of the landfill or why it is "creative."

So I am left picturing big, hulking garbage men sitting at picnic tables adding a little cheer to the trash with glitter and glue sticks. I imagine they'll find plenty of milk cartons and popsicle sticks.

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Bowie Mike said...

This is the site of the former Sandy Hill Landfill. Used to be the primary dump for Bowie residents until it closed in 2000. The landfill was reaching capacity, and expansion permits were denied. The county talked about putting in a trash transfer station, and residents cried NIMBY. There were plans to convert part of the landfill into a park. According to Google, there is a Sandy Hill Neighborhood Park located right near where you were, but I thought the proposed plans were for something much bigger (trails and such). And now there are problems with nearby well water.