Time's Up

Tomorrow is the last day of the Spring session at the Community Center, so we'll be locked out of the studio for two weeks, after which we'll be on the road to North Carolina and then to California. Not sure when the next time we'll get into the studio, but we'll be taking our stuff on the trip to the Outer Banks with the Brunette's family, so there might be a little more progress this summer.

At any rate, here's where we stand on the two paintings I started last week. The yellow painting now has some white on it:

Is the other picture starting to look more like Kansas to you?

3 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

Anonymous said...

I never realized Kansas looked like a pair of tighty whiteys.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

@Anonymous: Kansas is all things to all people, but the yellow one is actually the Greenbelt Community Center.

morninglight mama said...

Loving the ferris wheel!