At first, the return to Metro-riding helped with the pumping out of book tales and other writing, but then we switched to nights/weekends and it's eating my brain. One of the many kinds of things I do for work -- there are so many kinds of things I do, I was going to write a nice post about how configuration managers fit into the agile world, but the role of a CMer is so broad and such a weird mix of technical and non-technical that first I'm going to have to write a post defining what a CMer is to me before I can get into the new world order, but there's that problem of my brain being eaten and here I am rambling in the middle of this completely unrelated post, so let's get back to that sentence that I hope you remember started way back when -- is help companies maintain/administer/upgrade ClearCase. This week we've been upgrading ClearCase from 2002.05 to 7.1, which involves a stop at 2003.06 on the way. When you're upgrading a source code control repository, the creators of source code (aka developers) don't like you doing it in the middle of the day. Hence the night and weekend work to upgrade over 150 repositories.

However, even if I haven't been able to think straight, I have been able to take some bike rides in the middle of the day, which is a nice thing. Yesterday, I braved the rain -- more of a Glasgow dreich and sloppy day than today's thunderboomers -- down to Hyattsville and back. From the Café, I took this picture of three different modes of transportation:

There's a big push to get some greenness out there and to start recognizing bicycling as a viable transportation option. However, it's obvious that the powers-that-be do not take the bicycle seriously. What other mode of transportation would they allow to have something like this blocking one of the major through-routes, and even if they did, there'd be signage for detours or earlier warning before you got there:

(There's a huge metal coupling the width of that sign.) The roads remain the only reliable option for commuting bicyclists.

2 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

Bowie Mike said...

Three modes of transportation in one shot, huh? I feel a challenge coming on. What are the chances that someone can take a picture near National Airport that includes a car, subway, airplane, bicycle, duck-boat, a Segway and one of those baggage tractors?

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Yeah, three is pretty easy. I'm thinking I could get four from the bike path looping around College Park airport.