What's Not to Hate About this Movie?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: Sequel CGI-fest about intergalactic robots who fight each other and can turn into motor vehicles. Oh, and there are humans wandering around.
Theater Location: Somewhere in North Carolina
Noise Level: Loud
The Skinny: American arrogance -- drop the military into any country you want without bothering to ask permission, blow up a few civilians, insist on holding onto something we can't protect when the robots could do a better job, and of course the standard aliens would want to deal with the US and nobody else... Oh, and this supposedly international military force (NEST) seems to have only American and British forces (these are the only flags shown) and when the US president tells the group to shut down there isn't a peep from the Brits or even a scene showing them being told the same by their leader -- why would they care about the directive of another country's commander-in-chief? Also, all of the women are either stupid (doped-up mother), aggressively conniving (not just the girl coming on to the hero, but also the girls in class faking attraction to the professor for grades), or an object. You know, if the hero's girlfriend used her supposed background in mechanics at some point, it might justify the human involvement in the whole thing. As it is, I don't see what the humans are adding to the fight between the robot aliens.

Guess that was kind of fat for a skinny.

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