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So, one of the things you miss by not following me on Twitter is my public working out of the decision making process. Tonight's question was: "Crepes or whisky (spelled properly and everything!)?" I can imagine you asking, "Why the heck not both?" And the quick answer is that I try to keep my cheating ways down to one thing at a time. Self-managing requires an either/or decision there.

Crepe a la Cart

And it looks like the crepes won, though I know that the Scottish pub has a nice list of properly spelled whiskies and is in walking distance of the hotel.

I did some walking around to prepare the old stomach for some food and I have to give Boulder some kudoes. Not only are there beautiful mountains in the background, the support for biking here is awesome. They even do a great job with directional signage.

Good bike signs

Ok, here's a mountain.

boulder hill

2 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

abby, the hacker chick blog said...

sounds nice, are you out there for work or pleasure?

Hey, totally unrelated I saw this flickr widget and thought of you (see example on the upper right of this page). Not sure if you use flickr or not, but thought this widget was just neat...

Actually, there are some examples on this site, a little easier to see:

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Yeah, those are neat. I used to use Flickr a lot before Blogger started allowing direct uploads. It's such a pain to blog multiple pictures from Flickr.