Finding Myself

I don't know if I'll ever do ClearCase again, but here's a fairly simple problem that drove me nuts for over an hour tonight.

I'm trying to set up my laptop with ClearCase as a standalone server for a demo tomorrow. Of course, I'm off in a hotel instead of connecting to my company network, so I installed the server to recognize the local Administrator's group as the ClearCase elevated users group. There's a local user for the ALBD service to run under and I put it in that group. All hunky-dory, right?

Wrong, of course. Every time I try to create a view, I get this message:

cleartool: Error: unknown style protections on C:\store\ks_demo2\cc\views\MYDOMAIN\abbot\test_view.vws\.view: The data is invalid.
If the object is in the VOB's source or derived object pool, please fix it with "cleartool checkvob -protections -pool".
For other VOB objects, please fix it with "cleartool protectvob".
Otherwise, please fix the storage directory with
cleartool: Error: Unable to change permissions of "C:\store\ks_demo2\cc\views\MYDOMAIN\abbot\test_view.vws\.view": Input/output error.
cleartool: Error: Unable to create view "C:\store\ks_demo2\cc\views\MYDOMAIN\abbot\test_view.vws".

I'm still using my network ID as a user with CC admin permissions (I'm in the local admin group and I can still log into the laptop while disconnected). I tried futzing with fix_prot in this case, but the problem is not really with the directory permissions directly. The problem is with ClearCase understanding who I am.

I have to teach it a lesson.

When I run creds, I get a lot of garbage with ugly looking SIDs. I wondered if this is confusing the tool, so I set my CLEARCASE_PRIMARY_GROUP environment variable to be equal to BUILTIN\Administrators. And wah-lah! I was able to create a view.

It's still a little shaky.

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