Last Paintings Before The Show

Well, the Brunette will be hanging our paintings for the show next Monday. I'll be out in Kansas with a customer on weekdays for the next four weeks, so I can't help her put them up. Today was our last spurt of activity in getting ready for the show. I put a couple of posters into Kinko's. Speaking of Kansas, I finished the Ferris wheel from Topeka's annual Fiesta. (Did you know that Ferris was an RPI grad?)

Topeka Fiesta Ferris Wheel

I like the sky better than the Ferris wheel. I also finished one entire painting in a single sitting. This is a bigger one than the garden hose.

Falling Monkey

Not exactly high-quality blending on the background there, but that's the problem with acrylics in high temperature environments. They dry out so quickly.

So, I'll post when the reception at the Café is (it'll be free and open to the public and you're all invited). I think that all of my paintings will have been seen on this blog, but I'll also have three posters up. Also, the Brunette's space scapes will be new to you and are awesome, so you should stop by.

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morninglight mama said...

I happen to adore the ferris wheel one! I'm always envious of people who can create like that-- I once did a painting of a cat in middle school art class that got picked for a school show, but they thought it was a dog, so it wasn't all that much of an honor after all. :)