Goodness, Sacramento is flat. I flew into Sacramento on Thursday night and found a hotel at the airport before the Brunettes came to pick me up on Friday and take me off to the mountain. The land around Sacramento is so much flatter than I expected. The one thing that always makes me think of California is this:

It was much too early in the morning to get an In-n-Out Burger, but the sign itself was enough to remind me of trips to LA and Santa Barbara way back at my first post-collegiate job. I had to fly out to California to do physical configuration audits of electronic systems being delivered to the Government. I always had a great time: in the labs for most of the day and then write the reports out on the beach.

The other thing about Sacramento is that it gives me a feeling of being in the Land that Time Forgot. There are so many businesses with names that I remember from my childhood (or even more recently): Sizzler, Jack in the Box, ARCO (Atlantic Richfield), Hollywood Video.

There's even a Crown Books, but I don't think that one's related. The others at some time in the past had a presence in the Baltimore-Washington area, but I no longer see them. I think it's ironic that Atlantic Richfield continues life on the Pacific.

Maybe we'll be very lucky and find a Pappy's.

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