I'm having a little trouble posting because it hurts my head too much to look at my laptop. The bottom third of the monitor is grey with weird stripes. It's like the paint is running off the top two-thirds.

monitor madness

I called the warranty service folks this morning. They said someone would fix it tomorrow. The operator (from Atlanta) needed help spelling "Topeka". I'm not terribly hopeful that they're going to be able to find me.

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Bowie Mike said...

As the Irish say, sorry for your troubles.

Never heard of Topeka?

Reminds me of two stories of encounters with what I guess you might call geographically challenged people.

My first job out of college was developing auto insurance software. People from around the country would call up for an auto insurance quote, and workflow was driven by state because the rules were different by state. Here is a call that one of the customer service reps had.

Rep: What state are you calling from?

Customer: Norfolk.

Rep: I'm sorry, I asked what state you were calling from.

Customer: I said, "Norfolk."

The other incident occurred when my wife and I were on the boardwalk in Atlantic City. A couple was having an argument. We really couldn't hear what they were saying. The man suddently turns to us and says, "Can I ask you a question? What ocean is this?" We tell him that it is the Atlantic Ocean, and he turns to the woman and says, "see, I told you so." Then he turns back to us and says, "how far it go?"