Another Topeka Skater

I bought some Makin's Clay. I obviously have to learn how to work with it, but the structural strength of the stuff is an order of magnitude better than Play-Doh. I like that I can make smaller characters.

Like this poor dude. He seems a little lost.

little ice skater

Maybe he doesn't realize it's August. He's going to have to wait a while before he can skate.

ice skater from above

Actually, he's going to have to wait longer than I thought.

Topeka Ice Sign

That sign was there when I did a gig here two years ago. After I walked across the fabulous Rex Stout Memorial Bridge, this woman walked by the skater.

rex stout bridge

She didn't even look down.

There's a jail across the street from the Topeka Ice parking lot. It's pretty empty around there. I mean outside the jail. I don't know what it's like inside the jail.

I'm not sure that the Makin's Clay people are going to be as whimsical as the Play-Doh people were. We'll see how it goes.

2 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

Bowie Mike said...

The detail on the skates is amazing - maybe a little too amazing. Good thing your gig ends this week. I think you need a break.

...although it would be cool to see reactions on the people that do discover the little ones.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

I spent three hours the other night trying to make a bird cage for the woman who wound up at the train station (she's still there, by the way), but I could never get the Play-Doh to stand up. I don't know if the Makin's Clay is better for me or not: on the one hand that kind of stuff is faster, on the other hand I'll be tempted to do more stuff.

Next week, I'm off to Colorado. It'll be interesting to see how I do at choosing sites in a place I don't know. I've gotten familiar with Topeka, so it was easy to pick the places I wanted to put the wee explorers.