Camera Woes

So, I mentioned earlier that my camera broke. It seems to have lost the ring that holds the lens in and also a little piece of plastic that frames the picture. I say that "it seems to have lost..." as if it had its own will and stuff. OK, so I lost those bits. The camera seems to function, but the lens drops out every so often. I'm sure I'm smearing it up and it'll eventually get scratched or lost. There's no telling what it's doing to the auto-focus.

So, I took it over to Ritz Camera to see if they could fix it. They told me they'd be sending it away and that the minimum estimate is $200, but it "would probably cost more." Wow, I can get a better camera brand new for twice that. I'd really rather not, since that seems so dang wasteful, but I'm not spending $200 to fix an old camera. Really not.

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