Climber Up In Topeka

I still had some Play-Doh left from last week, so I made another little urban pioneer.

Meet the climber dude. He's resting up for his next climb.


Here he is on his big climb.

climber climbing

His hands are huge.

But they're not as huge as the animals in these here parts.


Will anybody notice him from the street?

Yep. This is fun. I need to find something better than Play-Doh, though. It's too soft and crumbly. I had to give this guy a skeleton of paper-clips and coffee stirrer snippets.

5 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

morninglight mama said...

These are simply fantastic! So creative and funny, and I do hope to someday stumble upon one of your little guys. :)

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Shucks, thanks. I'll be doing this when I'm bored in cities I travel to, so I'll probably hit Greenbelt after we move away.

i, squub said...

modeling clay? pipe cleaners? marble? granite?

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Squuby lives! You know your blog is inaccessible, right? I assume that means you're not writing.

Ironically, I'd probably be allowed to bring marble and granite on the airplane.

i, squub said...

I do live, and yes I know my blog does not. I am of the vacillating variety, and I spend months on pursuit E while allowing pursuits A, B, C, D, F, G, N, 18, 27, and Z to float around on their own. Somewhere in my last vacillation away from blogging my web host "upgraded" something, and I haven't drifted back into the pursuit of mucking with stupid web applications that give me a headache yet. So currently I've been coming up on let's-blog! territory, but it doesn't work when fix-horrible-configuration-issues pursuit is still far off in the future. What do, then? Find old blog-acquaintances and tie up their comments with my pointless drivel, of course! I should probably but the thing and just do it with blogger this time.

Please, whatever you do, don't try bringing granite onto a plane based on my suggestion. I couldn't bear the guilt if something when horribly wrong with the plan.