Julie and Julia: Two bio-pics in one: Julia Child learns to cook and Julie Powell learns to blog.
Theater Location: Old Greenbelt
Noise Level: fine
The Skinny: I didn't think I was going to be able to make it through all the chewing noises at the beginning, but the film drew me in. No boots this time, but Amy Adams is excellent. And Meryl Streep does a good job looking like Dan Ackroyd. I like seeing bookstores that I've visited.

In Julie Powell's blog, she spent 365 days testing all of the recipes in a Julia Child's book. That's some love of food. I've been thinking about what I could do one a day of for 365 days and I'm coming up dry -- 365 hello world programs? I guess the wee toaty explorers are sort of my commitment, but it's not going to be steady.

What do you think you'd like to write about for an entire year?

5 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

lacochran said...

"And Meryl Streep does a good job looking like Dan Ackroyd."


Now that blogging has hit the movies, is it passe?

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Oh, certainly. I guess we should be looking for the first Twitter to make the movies.

At least this made it to the cinema before that Washingtonienne thing did.

Fried zombies said...

uh oh..."chewing noises"? I might have to bring my ear plugs for the beginning of this film :P

It'd be easy to write about 365 days of baby, but what would be more fun is 365 restaurants, hotels, travel destinations, etc.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

To be fair, I have a bit of a hypersensitivity problem to food sounds. The Brunette didn't notice the sounds, and they were just in the first section where they're reinforcing the idea that what Julie really likes is food.

foodie zombie said...

I have noise sensitivity to lots of things so I am now on guard for the food sounds. I will let you know if they bother me...if we can get around to seeing this film :)