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cat in a suitcase

I've been traveling a lot. I'm using the Hertz Gold club, which is cool because you just walk out and look up your name on a board which tells you which parking spot your car is in. It's so much quicker. The last two weeks, I reserved a car from the "Green" collection. I'm as environmental as the next guy, especially when it doesn't cost more than the sub-compact I usually get. What they gave me was a Toyota Camry. Not a hybrid, just a big honkin' gas guzzler. I wound up using more gas for those two weeks than in the other weeks when I drove around in a Cobalt or Yaris. And there was no aux jack for my iPod, which is a pain when driving an hour a half from the airport to the job site. So this week I switched back to the sub-compact class, figuring I wasn't helping the environment with that Camry.

They gave me a Prius.

Since I'm on the topic of travel, let me babble about seating on airplanes. So, on the Metro, I never sit in the outside of a seat if the inside seat is open, because it feels somehow passive-aggressive to take that outer seat and force someone to actually ask me to get to the open seat. Sure, I'd move, but it forces an unnecessary conversation and most folks are going to opt for the easy route -- sitting in all the other seats first. I hate when people sit in that outer seat.

On the airplane, though, I always rush for the aisle seat, even when there's nobody already in the window or (gasp!) middle seat. Southwest Airlines (which I'll stop using next week) lets you enter the plane in order, and then you're supposed to pick your own seats. So, what's the difference between an airplane and a train? Or am I wrong to see them as different?


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lacochran said...

Way cute cat. But s/he looks pissed that you're traveling so much.

I was on the Metro last night (headed to Wolftrap) and there was someone in the window seat BUT he was angled so his knees were extended into the other seat's space. And he wasn't a big guy either. There was no need for this. I plunked my butt down and threw my elbows out. He stilled try to keep his leg up against me. I shoved my bag of picnic goodies at him. He looked annoyed but eventually got up and pushed past me to stand until his stop came. Heh.

I, too, am all about the aisle on an airplane. But there you have an assigned seat. Different.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Except that Southwest doesn't reserve seats. You get a boarding number. You line up in numerical order and then rush onto the plane and pick any available seat. Then you wait while the higher numbers come on and fill up the plane and you hope and hope and hope that nobody will take the middle seat.

And then someone very large takes the middle seat.

Bowie Mike said...

I'm still a kid at heart when it comes to the airplane. I like the window seat. It never gets old for me. I just try not to drink too much before getting on the plane.

I ride Amtrak more than Metro these days. Same story - people putting their bags on the inside seat and sitting on the outside. Obnoxious.

Caitlin said...

Whether on the Metro, a plane, a bus, anything, I go for the window seat. All are the same to me, as in, I enjoy looking outside if I'm not driving.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

@BowieMike & @Caitlin: I can't stand the window or middle seats. I like to say it's because my legs need the aisle to spread out in, but the reality is that I just can't stand feeling trapped.