Some Pics from Kansas

I think this humongous giant-headed Tin Man is awfully creepy. He's obviously hopped up on something; look at those eyes. Those eyes!

topeka seal

You need to stay away from those poppies, my pretty.

Maybe I'm hopped up on something, 'cause I'm starting to see skulls everywhere. Do you see it?


It's a pirate skull, I tell you.

And every time I walk over this bit of sidewalk, I swear I hear strains of Barry Manilow rapping out Copacabana.


(Sometimes I think it's Carly and Paul Simon dueting on All the Single Ladies, but James Taylor keeps trying to break in on the session.)

Man, when I drink too much, I really gotta go. And this guy knows what I'm talkin' about.

mens room sign

But some of the bathrooms in this state are just too strange for me to deal with.


It's hard to tell from this picture, but there's nothing underneath holding this up. It just sticks out from the wall. That's some cantilever there. What if it falls down?

2 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

Bowie Mike said...

Love the "Mens" sign. My college dorm had urinals like the one in your pic - even in the pink bathrooms. It was built in the early 70s, and I was told that it was supposed to be unisex. I don't think the idea really caught on. A couple of my lady friends tried it, but only after a few drinks.

abby, the hacker chick blog said...

hahah, too funny! i totally see a skull in that picture though. but, um, Barry Manilow? (oh god, now that's going to be stuck in my head all day, I should know better when coming to your site! must find ways to take preventative measures)