Disturbing on Two Levels

So, this video is disturbing. You can watch it if you like, but I'll describe it: There's a traffic light in the upper right corner. The camera is mounted on a bus. The bus stops at a red light. The light turns green. A Wisconsin lawmaker in an SUV runs the red light in the orthogonal direction just as a biker legally enters the intersection. That's the first -- and awful -- level of disturbing. The cyclist spent a week in the hospital but seems to be OK.

The second level -- and indicative of the world around us -- is that the report ends with the talking head reporting that a witness claimed the cyclist was at fault. I can only assume that the cyclist was at fault simply for existing because it sure looks like the light was in the cyclist's favor. Remember this video next time someone says that an accident was the biker's fault. Or next time someone tells you that bikers are dangerous because they don't follow the law. Looks like you should be saying that about people who drive FUVs.

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