A Good Ride

So after work I took my first long ride since 17 July. It was just under 15 miles, but it had a nice hill in the middle.

map of bike ride in Boulder

I followed the bike path up until it turned from cement to gravel. (I was given a road bike from the rental place. It's lighter than my cyclo-cross, but the tires are very skinny.)

rock at the end of the trail

Then I tried the road until I ran out of paved shoulder. At the time, it seemed as high as the road was going to go. (Ha)

The ride back down was a lot of fun, of course. They'll have to replace the brakes, I expect.

road goes down

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Bowie Mike said...

Cycling in Colorado can be an adventure. I know a guy that had a bad accident doing about 30 MPH down a hill - a bear ran out in front of him. That doesn't happen in P.G.