Great Sparks

My feed reader has long held a spot for the daily rambling of Samuel Pepys, a diarist from the mid-1600s. The diary entries over the last few years have been doled out like blog posts. Today was September 1, 1666:

Up and at the office all the morning, and then dined at home. Got my new closet made mighty clean against to-morrow. Sir W. Pen and my wife and Mercer and I to “Polichinelly,” but were there horribly frighted to see Young Killigrew come in with a great many more young sparks; but we hid ourselves, so as we think they did not see us. By and by, they went away, and then we were at rest again; and so, the play being done, we to Islington, and there eat and drank and mighty merry; and so home singing, and, after a letter or two at the office, to bed.

The last few days, Sam has been all excited about his new room/closet, but there's a whiff of the ironic about his fear of "young sparks." The next few days should be mighty exciting for our man in London...

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